5 reasons 2022 is the year to get back into dating

If you put your dating game on ice during the pandemic, it might be time to consider bouncing back in 2022 with a fresh perspective on romance. Dating will likely never be the same due to COVID-19, but that could be a good thing as we embark on new ways to meet people and find love in 2022.

Here are 5 reasons to jump back into dating in 2022

1. Virtual first dates will be the norm

We’ve all heard those horror stories of people stuck on terrible first dates with no easy way to make a graceful exit, but now we can possibly avoid that nightmare altogether.  It’s no longer weird to ask someone to jump on a video chat for your first “face-to-face” meetup.  Virtual dates are a low-pressure way to have a conversation with someone new before meeting in person. That means 2022 will hopefully be the end to most of those cringe-worthy first dates.

2. There’s less pressure to “wow” your date

The last few years have been hard for everyone, and many singles took a breather from dating to focus on themselves and stay safe.  Essentially, we’re all going to be a little rusty when it comes to dating post-pandemic, and that’s OK.  Researchers are also noticing how attitudes about potential partners have changed since the pandemic.

The Singles in America study conducted by Match in 2021 showed that 83% of singles preferred partners with emotional maturity over physical attractiveness. That’s great news for anyone who may struggle with insecurities on dates.

3. More people are willing to try new things

After two years of social distancing and shutdowns, a lot of people are more than eager to get back out and experience something new. That could mean anything from exploring a new part of the city to exploring your sexuality – it’s all on the table in 2022.

4. It’ll be easier to have meaningful conversations

It’s now pretty normal to talk about our health and mental wellness with each other during the pandemic – in fact, it could be a good way to break the ice with someone new. A UK study revealed that 83% of respondents said they prefer dating someone who is seeing a therapist, and those who mention it on a first date were more likely to score a second date.

5. People are looking for long-term relationships

If you’re hoping to find “the one” this year, you may be in luck.  Researchers say that more people who are dating want to find a serious, long-term partner and aren’t afraid to say so.  Singles are being more upfront with their potential partners about what they want out of life, like marriage and kids, and intentionally dating for those reasons, USA Today reported.  The Match survey also found that only 11% of singles said they wanted to date casually, while 62% said they were interested in a meaningful, committed relationship.