About us

Why -“another” app?

We believe it’s time to get back to basics of being human. Let’s move beyond just a human being and let’s be a human DOING! We have all learned many things during the COVID-19 pandemic some big (avoiding the commute is awesome) some small (so that is where you mute on zoom!) but most importantly we are social. Without others our spirit withers, our mood is in decline and our emotional well being is in jeopardy.

We did NOT start this service to take financial advantage of people just wishing to go back to normal and make new friends seeking adventures. NO! That is why FindMyPlusOne is free now, free tomorrow and will always continue be free to communicate. That’s right! You will have full access to all basic functions of our service such as, unfettered communication, posting, searching and matching with other like minded people for FREE! Of course, we will offer some premium features in the future to help us continue to provide this service for free. (Looking for the asterisks? Go to other matching sites and you’ll be seeing stars!)

What – is this app?

Our service focuses on the activities. What does that mean you ask? In short, LIFE! A human DOING!

  • When you just want a +1 to join you at a coffee shop, wedding, shopping, tennis or a concert simply post your activity and find that perfect +1!
  • Perhaps you prefer to BE the +1? Simply search the activities posted and drop a note to the member. Let’s go!

Who – is this app for?

Simply everyone.

In alignment with our beliefs we want people to be kind humans and value one another. EVERYONE has something to offer and we mean EVERYONE!

  • Our service is not the 1 second swipe for “love” based on that one beach pic from 10 years ago.
  • It not a complex questionnaire that takes more time to complete than your college dissertation.

Our desire is to reawaken, strengthen and expand in all of us our self confidence, sense of belonging and contribution to society as a whole.

Let’s sum up who this is for…..everyone who has lost that sense of ourselves on the last day of school. Remember that feeling? The summertime was ours to do so many things in a short 3 months. Fortunately now, everyday can feel like that last day of school! Now it’s your turn! What are you going to do this summer?

We can’t wait for the fall semester show and tell!

Best wishes for many successful additions of +1’s to your life!