How to take the best dating app profile pictures

They say first impressions are everything, which means your dating app profile pictures are pretty important. Choosing the best photos for dating apps can be intimidating, but even the least photogenic of folks can take and share some great images.

Dating app profile pictures: Know the basics

If you want people to notice your profile, be sure to follow a few basic tips when uploading photos:

  • Make sure you’re the focal point of the photo
  • Show your face
  • Don’t overuse the group shots

Here are 5 more tips to make your profile picture pop on dating apps

1.      Choose high-quality photos

 Don’t let your photos look like they were taken on an early 2000s flip phone.

 Photos you upload to dating apps should be sharp and well-lit so people can easily see the photo on their mobile devices.

 Luckily, your smartphone’s camera is more than capable of taking high-quality photos to share on your dating apps.

2.      Start with a photo of your face

Prominently display a photo that clearly shows your face to make the best first impression. That means no sunglasses or hiding in the shadows – just a photo that quickly lets the viewer see what you look like. And you should definitely be smiling. Having a genuine smile in photos gives the impression that you’re approachable and friendly, and can even help you get more matches, according to Business Insider.

3.      Enlist your friends to help take dating app pics

Friends help friends take good photos. Next time you’re out with your pals, ask them to take some photos of you for your dating profiles. Friends can be especially helpful if you’re nervous around the camera.

Bonus points if they snag a candid picture of you doing something. Photos that don’t appear to be posed come off as more inviting and authentic, which is exactly what you should try to convey on your profile. Find an affordable, local photographer to help if your friends aren’t available.

4.      Step away from the beauty filters

Beware of false advertising.

The photos that you share on dating apps need to show your true, authentic self. That means staying away from heavy editing and filters that lead to misleading images.

Giving your photos a light edit can be OK to remove temporary blemishes or flyways, but don’t try to alter your appearance. You can also feel free to crop photos if you need to remove distracting images in the background.

5.      Share a variety of images on your dating apps

Try to include at least three different photos to give potential matches a better idea of your appearance and personality. That means including a photo that clearly shows your face, a wider shot that shows more of your body, and a photo of you doing something that you enjoy like hiking or cooking.

Make sure that the photos you choose were all taken sometime within the last year so they give a recent glimpse into your life.